Monday, October 05, 2015
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2015 Short Story Contest Winners

Winners of the 2015 Annual Short Story Contest Announced
Winning Entries were read at the January 8 Meeting of the Ventura County Writers Club
 (Ventura, CA - January 13, 2015) A packed audience was present at the Pleasant Valley Senior Center to celebrate the winners of the Ventura County Writers Club Short Story Contest.  Family and members alike  applauded as the authors read excepts from their entries.  Short Story Contest Chair Shelba Cole Robison spoke briefly as to the art of a short story before announcing the high school and adult winners.
The club selected a few talented writers to serve as initial judges to select our finalists. Editors at the newspaper acted as the final judges, selecting the three cash winners and three honorable mentions.
The winners are:

First Place: Jan Richman Schulman of Oxnard for "Water's Edge"
Second Place: Antony Villalobos of West Hills for "Paper Dragon"
Third Place: Sofia Diana Gabel of Ventura for "The Vault"

Pictured: Jan Richman Schulman, Antony Villalobos, and Sofia Diana Gabel(from left)

Honorable Mentions:
Patricia Caloia of Ventura for "Presumption"
Carol Malone of Camarillo for "Melanie's Madness"
Douglas Peyton of Camarillo for "Under The Bed"

Pictured: Patricia Caloia, Carol Malone, and Douglas Peyton (from left)


First Place: Megan Ragone of Thousand Oaks for "Taken Over"
Second Place: Gabrielle Genhart of Ventura for "His January"
Third Place: Naomi Stoodley of Ventura for "Almost Done" (not at the meeting)

Pictured:  Megan Ragone and Gabrielle Genhart (from left)

Running a successful contest was and is a labor of love for writers and their craft, along with dedicated volunteers.

The annual Short Story Contest has been offered since 1998. VCWC has always offered winners generous cash prizes while VC Star has supported club efforts to encourage writers by participating in judging the top level entries and publishing the winners. That tradition will continue this year with print and on-line publication. Winning stories will also appear in the club’s anthology.


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